The Inspection

During a home inspection our inspector will concentrate on the condition and structure of your home as well as pointing out any adverse conditions and/or safety related concerns as opposed to small or cosmetic items, which are considered readily apparent to the buyer.  The inspection is a VISUAL inspection only, home inspectors do not do any destructive testing nor do they have x-ray vision.   Also a home inspection is not a code compliance inspection.

Our Certified home inspector will inspect the following items:

  • Exterior Home Site
  • Building Foundation
  • Exterior Home Walls
  • Roof Coverings, Flashing’s & Gutters
  • Roof Support Structure
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Insulation Quality
  • Garage
  • Electrical
  • Visible Interior and Exterior Plumbing
  • Central Air and Heating System
  • Interior Condition of the Home

Our home inspector can not  inspect any inaccessible area nor any area deemed unsafe, also home inspectors do not move any belongings or any objects that my be damaged if moved ( ie. ceiling tiles).  It is up to the home inspector on whether or not they walk on the roof of the house, if not walked on the roof will be inspected from a ladder at the edge and/or with binoculars and/or remote camera.  Also our home inspector can not give estimates on cost to repair, if you want an estimate we recommend you contact qualified professionals for a quote.